Growing Orchids Hydroponically. I bought 5 orchids at Amazon and they gave me 7

I am trying to grow this orchid variety pack in my hydro tower in an indoor greenhouse. I use 2 inch net pots, orchid bark potting mix from miracle grow, and a humidifier. I have the hydroponics on a timer that waters for 15 minutes several times a day.

The orchids came with instructions individually and they’re supposed to dry out before being rewatered for the most part. I hope it works. I am experimenting. A couple years ago I tried the same thing but the hydro tower wasnt in the greenhouse and they died of low humidity I think.

This is a pic of my hydrotower overgrown with mint. I removed the mint and planted these 7 orchids. One of my other orchids in the hydro tower greenhouse had a keiki baby off the flower stem after flowering. That’s the first for me.






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